Printable Pay 2022 Dues by Check Form

North Star Civic Association


If you chose to pay dues by check, please copy and print this form. Fill out the bottom portion and return it with your check to: North Star Civic Association, Attn: Treasurer, PO Box 1392, Hockessin, DE 19707.

Payment of your dues goes toward covering the costs of community snow removal, NSCA directory, website, insurance, social programs, mailings, and any other administrative or maintenance costs associated with North Star Civic Association operations. The association manages snow removal, deed restrictions, common property, social programs, roads, utilities and interacts with county and state agencies about issues that arise and impact the community. Payment makes your residence a member of the Association with the eligibility to participate in community meetings, activities, receive a community directory and email notices regarding suspicious activities or other concerns occurring in the neighborhood. Refer to our updated website for information regarding our history, events, bylaws, deed restrictions, how to obtain a non-objection letter for property construction projects such as additions, sheds, fences, etc. North Star Civic Association is nonprofit and all board and committee members are unpaid volunteers.

Civic association dues for fiscal year 2022 are $50.00 for all NSCA residents, except if your address is on North Star Road then you only have to pay $25.00 (since North Star Rd is the only community road snow plowed by Del-DOT). Dues are due beginning at the annual meeting usually in October and are considered late if paid after November 30, 2021. You now have a choice of paying dues by check, or electronically through the NSCA website.

If you chose to pay dues by credit or debit card on this website. Follow the prompts on the homepage. Upon paying dues, you will receive an email confirming your payment, along with a password for the secure members­ only section, which includes access to the printable digital member directory.

Name(s) as you want them to appear in the Directory (PLEASE PRINT CLEARLY):

Street Address:

Phone# (optional):

Email Address (optional):

Include any neighborhood service you provide that you would like to share with the community (i.e., lawn care, pet sitting, child care, etc.):


Current licensed and insured NSCA members who own businesses who desire to be listed in the business section of the website and directory: