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Typical Deed Restrictions


The following deed restrictions cover lots in North Star Section A.
The restrictions vary slightly for North Star Sections B and D.
The North Star Addition (ADDN) has a different set of deed restrictions.

Deed Restriction Boundaries

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The following deed restrictions are from the Declaration of Restrictions by North Star Corporation, dated September 9, 1952, and recorded in the Office of the Recorder, Wilmington, Delaware, in Deed Record Q, Volume 52, Page 9:

1. Lots shall be used for private residential purposes only and no more than one residence designed for occupation by a single family shall be erected or maintained on any lot. No lot shall have an area of less than 30,000 square feet, and no building erected on said lots shall be used for any purpose other than that of a private dwelling house. This restriction is not intended to prohibit (a) the erection with the written approval of North Star Corporation, its successors or assigns, of a private garage, small greenhouse, tool shed, outside fireplace, or other auxiliary for the sole use of the owners or occupants of the land; or (b) the office of a physician, other professional person or other home type of occupation carried on by a person residing on the premises provided, that there shall be no advertising posted on said premises other than an identification sign not larger than 6 by 18 inches placed on the property, and provided also that there be no exterior alteration made in any building in order to accommodate such profession or home occupation.

2. Except as hereinbefore provided, no trade or business of any kind of character, nor any building designed or intended for use for any purpose connected with any trade or business, shall be erected, permitted, maintained or operated upon any of the said lots.

3. No building, or any part thereof, except steps, bay windows, uncovered porches, and the usual projections to a dwelling house, shall be erected closer to the right of way of any street, road, or avenue than 50 feet. No building or any part thereof shall be erected closer than 25 feet to the boundary line of any adjoining property owner.

4. Said lots shall be kept free and clear of any objects, sign-boards, or other condition offensive to the neighborhood and all easements, rights and privileges shall be exercised or maintained on said land, nor shall any bees, pigeons, live poultry, hogs, cattle, or other livestock be kept thereon, with exception of domestic animals kept as pets by the owners or occupants.

5. The owner of each building lot of said land who desires the lot to be serviced with a driveway shall maintain a separate driveway for that purpose and no driveway shall be shared by more than one building lot.

6. Each residence constructed shall have a minimum projected livable first floor area (excluding porches and garages) as follows: a one-story house, 1 ,200 square feet; a one and one-half-story house, 1,000 square feet; a two-story house, 800 square feet. No person may use a trailer, basement, garage or unfinished house as a residence.

7. No building, fence, wall or other structure shall be commenced, erected or maintained, nor shall any addition thereto or change or alteration therein be made until the plans and specifications, showing the nature, kind, shape, height, materials, exterior color scheme, location and frontage on said lot, shall have been submitted to and approved in writing by the North Star Corporation, its successors or assigns.

North Star Corporation shall have the right to refuse to approve any such plans or specifications which are not suitable or desirable in its opinion or for aesthetic or other reasons, and in so passing upon such plans and specifications, the North star Corporation shall have the right to take into consideration the suitability of the proposed building or other structure, and of the materials of which it is to be built, to the site upon which it is proposed to be erected, the harmony thereof with the surroundings, and the effect of the building or other structure, as planned, on the outlook from the adjacent or neighboring properties.

8. North Star Corporation hereby gives and grants to the lot owners, their heirs and assigns, the right, in common with North Star Corporation, its successors and assigns, to use the streets, roads, and avenues, shown on the plot of North Star Development for highway purposes.

9. North Star Corporation reserves, however, the right to dedicate to public use and the right to convey to any public authority to any corporation having power to acquire the same, all its right, title and interest in and to all streets, roads and avenues shown on the plot of North Star Development, subject only to the rights of the lot owners as hereinbefore granted.

10. Violation of any restriction or conditions or breach of any covenant or agreement herein contained, will give North Star Corporation, its successors and assigns, in addition to all other remedies, the right, after reasonable notice, to enter upon the land upon or as to which said violation or breach exists, and to abate and remove at the expense of the owner thereof, any erection, thing or condition that may be or exist thereon contrary to the intent and meaning of the provisions hereof, and North Star Corporation, its successors and assigns, shall not thereby be guilty of any manner of trespass for such entry, abatement or removal.

11. The right to modify, alter, change, release, terminate or waive any or all of the restrictions hereinabove set forth, by and with the consent of the owners of 75% in number of the lots directly affected thereby, is reserved to North Star Corporation, its successors and assigns.

Non-Objection Letters from the North Star Civic Association Deed Restriction Committee (NSCA DRC)

North Star Civic Association has Deed Restrictions to preserve property values and help inform property development.

The North Star Civic Association Deed Restriction Committee (NSCA DRC) reviews plans and ensures these Deed Restrictions are maintained. Deed Restrictions are legal restrictions binding all the property owners and residents in North Star.

Association members (Everyone in North Star, not just dues paying members!) seeking to build larger sheds, garages, additions, new homes, and any other deed restricted activities needs to submit plans to the NSCA DSC prior to construction, and application to NCC for permits.

NSCA DSC will issue Non-Objection letters after reviewing plans and drawings.


If you are interested in getting a shed please contact the deed restriction committee at so that we can help you thru the process, and to prevent violating our Deed Restrictions.