The name of this corporation shall be NORTH STAR CIVIC ASSOCIATION, INCORPORATED, hereinafter referred to as the Association.


Section 1 – The primary purpose of the Association is to encourage and promote the interests of the community known as NORTH STAR. This includes, but is not limited to, the holding of regular open meetings so that members can share in solutions to mutual community problems, including, but not limited to, compliance with deed restrictions.

Section 2 – A secondary purpose of the Association is to provide a legal means for the residents of the community of NORTH STAR to acquire and hold property intended for the use and betterment of the entire community.

Section 3 – The purposes of the Association shall be entirely non-political and non-profit.


Section 1 – Each household in the community of NORTH STAR shall be eligible for membership. Membership shall begin upon payment of dues as provided in Section 3.

Section 2 – Each paid-up member household shall be entitled to one vote. This vote may be exercised by an adult member of the household present at an Association meeting or by a written and signed proxy exercised by the voting representative of another household.

Section 3 – The membership (dues) year and the fiscal year shall both start on November 1. Annual dues shall be payable by November 30 for the coming year. The rate per household shall be determined by: a majority vote of the paid-up member households voting at either a regular or a specially called meeting. A changed rate shall be considered to apply to the following year’s dues unless otherwise expressly stated.


Section 1 -The Officers of the Association shall be a President, a Vice-President, a Secretary, and a Treasurer. The term of office shall start on November 1 and run for a year or until a new officer has been elected to that position.

Section 2 – The duties of the President shall be to:

a. preside at all meetings of the Association and of the Board of Directors.
b. appoint all committee chairmen and in the case of the Nominating Committee, two other members as well. The President shall be a member ex-officio of all committees except the Nominating Committee.
c. appoint as needed to fill any vacancy that may occur during the year.
d. execute official documents in the name of the Association.
e. perform other duties usually associated with this office.

Section 3 – The Vice-President shall assist as requested in the performance of the President’s duties, and shall perform all duties of the president in the absence or disability of the President. Absence shall mean simple physical non-presence at a scheduled meeting. Disability shall mean non-presence or inaction caused by some form of illness.

Section 4 – The Secretary shall keep a written record of the proceedings of the Association and of the Board of Directors. The Secretary shall be responsible for notifying members of all Association meetings and their results and for the correspondence of the Association. The Secretary shall assist as requested in the performance of the President’s duties.

Section 5 – The Treasurer shall have charge of the funds of the Association, pay all the bills, and keep accurate accounts of all transactions. The Treasurer shall present a committee audit, made by himself and with at least two members chosen by the President, of the previous year’s accounts and transactions at the first-regular meeting after elections. The Treasurer shall present a financial
report to the membership at the Annual Meeting.

— All checks shall be co-signed by the Treasurer and either the President or the Vice-President. (If the latter, the Treasurer shall notify the President as soon as practical.)
— The Treasurer shall keep an accurate account of the membership roll.


Section 1 – The Board of Directors shall consist of the four regular Officers plus three Directors to be elected from the membership as provided in Article VII.

Section 2 – The responsibilities of the Board of Directors shall be to plan the action of the Association and to recommend through the President means for carrying them out to the membership. In addition they shall be vested with the powers prescribed by law for operation of the Association.

Section 3 – A quorum of the Board of Directors shall consist of a simple majority of the Board.

Section 4 – A report shall be made by the President, after approval by the Board, to the membership at the Annual Meeting.


Section 1 – Nominating Committee: Three members, one of whom shall be an Officer or Director of the Association, shall be appointed by the President at least two months prior to the Annual Meeting to constitute the Nominating Committee. They shall prepare a slate for each office* and directorship, preferably two nominees for each, for presentation at the Annual Meeting in October. They shall present this slate to the Board at the September Board meeting.
*Note: The slate may not require a candidate for President. See Article VII – Section 1.

Section 2 – Standing Committees: There shall be six standing committees: Deed Restrictions, Engineering, Hospitality, Membership and Directory, Program, and Property. All committee chairs, with the exception of Membership and Directory, will be appointed by the President with approval from the board. The committee duties shall include but not be limited to the following:

a. The Deed Restrictions committee shall advise on compliance with North Star Deed Restrictions. The chairman shall work closely with the President. All expenditures shall require Board approval.
b. The Engineering Committee shall have responsibility for matters relating to easements, rightsof-way, roads, utilities, and any property not owned by residents except Civic Association recreational property. The chairman shall work closely with the President. All expenditures shall require Board approval.
c. The Hospitality Committee shall greet new residents in North Star, informing them of the community and the Civic Association and assisting them in becoming members of the latter.
d. The Membership and Directory Committee shall be chaired by the Treasurer. Before November 30 of each year, this committee shall make personal contacts with a responsible adult in each household. This committee shall publish and distribute an up-to-date directory by January 15.
e. The Program Committee shall work with the President in long-range program planning as well as in arranging program details for each Association meeting.
f. The Property Committee shall oversee the land and structures owned by the Association. The Property chairman or a designate shall inspect Association property periodically, making recommendations regarding condition. need for maintenance, or desirability of improvement to the Board.

Section 3 – Other Committees: Other committees may be appointed by the President as the need arises.


Section 1 – Election of Officers and Directors shall be held in two steps at the Annual Meeting in the month of October each year:


a. The incumbent President, provided that this person has agreed to run and has been in that office for no more than 18 consecutive months immediately prior to election date.
b. The incumbent Vice-President provided this person has agreed to run.c. One or more candidates other than the above, chosen by the Nominating Committee, provided each has agreed to run. (This nomination is optional unless neither of the incumbents, President or Vice-President, run.)
d. Candidates nominated from the floor as provided for in Article VII – Section 2.


If the incumbent Vice-President is defeated in Step 1, this person may choose to be a candidate for Vice-President; however, to insure a complete ballot, the Nominating committee shall always present at least one other candidate for this office.
The term of office shall be one year. No Officer or Director shall serve more than two consecutive complete terms in the same office.

Section 2 – In addition to the nominations presented by the Nominating Committee as provided in Article VI, section 1, members shall be given full opportunity to make nominations for each office from the floor, provided that all such nominees shall indicate their willingness to serve prior to the casting of ballots.

Section 3 – Voting shall be by secret ballot. Election shall require a majority (not a plurality) of. the votes cast. When the first ballot does not show a clear-cut majority winner, run-off ballots shall be conducted until this result occurs. When a tie exists for second place the three people with the most votes shall participate in the subsequent ballot.


Section 1 – The annual meeting of the Association shall be held in October.

Section 2 – Special meetings may be called by the President at the President’s own initiative. They must also be called if either four Board members or fifteen non-Board members request such a meeting, with the meeting to be held within twenty-one days of such a request. If called by other than the President, the meeting notice shall state 1) whether called by Board members or Association members, and 2) the reasons for the call.

Section 3 – A quorum shall consist of those paid-up members present (counting both proxies and persons). A simple majority of that quorum is sufficient to carry a motion except that when fewer than twenty percent of the paid-up member households are represented, a two-thirds vote shall be required.

Section 4 – Written notices of the time, date, and location of all meetings shall be sent to all members ten days prior to the meeting. The slate of nominees for Officers and Directors shall be included with the notice of the Annual Meeting.


Section 1 – The initial meeting of the new Board should be held in November. Outgoing Officers and Directors should be encouraged to attend that meeting to improve continuity. The new board will meet no less than 2 more times throughout the year. Exact dates of the meetings will be determined as needed by the board.

Section 2 -Special meetings may be called by the President at the President’s own initiative. They must also be called if three or more Board members request such a meeting.

Section 3 – A quorum shall consist of a majority of the Board. A simple majority of those present is sufficient to carry a motion.


Section 1 – Amending these Bylaws shall require a minimum of:

a) Two written notices of intent (included in meeting notice), and
b) Two hearings (or debates) at two separate Association meetings with at least three weeks between these meetings.

Voting shall be at the second meeting (immediately after the second hearing),and passage requiring a two-thirds vote of the paid member households represented in person or by proxy.

Section 2 – If the proposed amendment is short enough, it shall be printed in full on the one-page meeting notice. If it is not, copies of the proposed amendment shall be available from one or more Board members for interested members, and those Board members’ names shall be included in the meeting notice.


Section 1 – Until such a time arrives, as judged by the President, that warrants the cost for a professional audit of the Association accounts and transactions, a yearly private audit shall be made by the Committee of Audit as covered by Section 5 under Article IV.


Section 1 – All meetings will be conducted in accordance with Robert’s Rules of Order (Revised).


Section 1 – In the event of liquidation or dissolution of the North Star Civic Association, ownership of parcels #08-029.00-016, #08-023.40-34 and #08-023.20-112 will be transferred in their entirety to the North Star Swim Club, Inc.

Last updated: Oct 07, 2004