Common FAQ’s answers

Deed Restrictions

  • If you plan to make any changes to the exterior of your property (additions, color, outbuilding, shed, fence, pool etc.) please submit your request to NSCA Deed Restriction Committee at for approval.

Sheds (New Castle County Requirements)

  • You can build a shed up to 200 square feet without a permit, but all setback requirements must still be followed.  See setbacks rules on the NCC website
  • There are two other provisions of the Code that affect where you place your detached accessory building. First, the structure may not be located in front of the house itself.   (There is an exception for lots over two acres that allows one accessory structure in front of the house as long as it is not in the required front or street yards.) Secondly, the accessory structure can only occupy 30% of the required rear yard. The required rear yard is determined by your zoning district and is usually 25 to 40 feet measured from the rear property line. For example, if your lot is 100’ wide and your required rear yard is 25’, then you could have a structure occupying 750 square feet of the required rear yard. (100’ x 25’ x 30% = 750 sq. ft.) If your structure is larger than 750 square feet, you would need to move it forward so that only 750 square feet of the building occupies the required rear yard.
  • Finally, you need to check your deed for any deed restrictions that may affect your proposed structure, as New Castle County does not review for or enforce private deed restrictions.  BUT NORTH STAR CIVIC ASSOCIATON DOES!!!!

Go to the New Castle County Website for more information

  • For sheds or garages of 480 square feet or less, you will need three copies of a plot plan of your property. This can be your mortgage inspection survey or any other legal survey that shows property boundaries and existing structures. For structures over 480 square feet, you will need to have a surveyor prepare a lines and grades survey. This is a  topographical survey that shows the existing and proposed contours of your lot along with the proposed structure. You will need to submit three copies of the lines and grades survey. Along with the surveys, you will need to submit three copies of the construction plans of your proposed structure. These plans should be drawn to scale and consist of elevations (front view, side view, etc.), floor plans and cross sections
  • There are many more rules and regulations – go to New Castle County for more information and to ensure a smooth project.


  • Fences must be Post and Rail type.


  • Above ground pools are not permitted.
  • In ground pools must meet all New Castle County regulations.
  • Permission of adjoining property owners is required.


  • Please direct all snow plowing concerns to