Natural Gas Line Update – 8/7/2017

Installation of natural gas lines for North Star is more than 60 percent complete as construction crews put the finishing touches on lines east of North Star Road and begin work on the west side. Work along North Star Road will begin in the next several days.

Barring major issues, Delmarva said residents who signed up for service should be connected by November. Meanwhile, representatives from the utility are contacting residents now to discuss the best route for bringing the line from the street to individual houses. If you have paid your $200 deposit and have not yet heard from Delmarva to set an appointment, you should contact its My Switch to Gas Team at 302-429-3117. If you have not already signed up for service, you still have time to do so by calling the same telephone number.

Delmarva also wants to assure residents that its crews will return when weather is cooler to do a final restoration of property that is disturbed while the gas lines are installed.

Remember, if you signed up for service, Delmarva will run a line 100 feet from your property line to an agreed-upon spot outside your house. It is up to individual homeowners to hire their own contractors to bring natural gas into the house and to connect utilities.

You can get details about the route and other aspects of the project in the “North Star – Pre Construction Presentation”.

If you have further questions, you can contact Delmarva’s My Switch to Gas Team at 302-429-3117 or our Delmarva/North Star project liaison:

Tom Barry